POST Model

Planning Optimization and Scheduling Tool

Or POST Model is a powerful Excel based model of Refinery feeds, yields, and products.  Starting with the crude delivery schedule every significant step of refinery product yield prediction is modeled on a daily basis for up to 3 months in the future.

Once the model is customized for your facility it is valuable for planning short term operations as well as unusual occurrences such as unit shutdowns crude interruption or economically driven operational changes.  You will come to depend on the POST Model to screen operating scenarios or pre-screening before running LP cases for optimization.


–        The crude schedule can be input as part of the scheduling process or imported from another source.

–        Each crude delivery is delivered to designated tank(s) were composition is tracked on a daily basis.

–        Crude unit charges (from crude schedule) determine the diet of crude fed to each crude unit.

–        Crude unit products are produced sensitive to cut point and sent to the next processing unit.

–        Conversion unit feed properties are tracked and unit yields are feed sensitive.

–        Intermediates are blended into final products

–        Pipeline and waterborne shipments are scheduled and tankage inventory tracked